Meet Our Founders

Catherine ShanahanCatherine Shanahan

I’ve been a financial advisor since 1988 and am now a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and trained mediator. As a result of my own separation and divorce, I now help women through the divorce process. It’s a scary time and women often feel there’s no place to go to talk about money. You can’t talk to your friends or family because even they don’t really know your whole picture and not everyone understands finances. I work with you to find the best solutions so you can transition through divorce with dignity and financial independence.

Learn more about Catherine and the role of a certified divorce financial analyst in the divorce process.

Karen Chellew

Karen Chellew

My past personal experience with divorce and my work in the legal field has led me to partner with Catherine to create Divorce U Solutions. Having an advocate throughout the divorce process is key to making the best decisions for your future. I’m here to help you find the best attorney for you and your situation. From helping you organize your paperwork, creating budgets and acting as your legal liaison, I’ll be right here with you throughout the process.

Learn more about Karen and the role of a legal liaison in the divorce process

Our philosophy

Divorce does not define who you are. How you live your life defines who you are. If you chose to stay married or if you choose to get divorced, our hope is you always know your options, and that you have all of the information and resources you need to make the best decision for yourself. Live the life you dream of but live it being informed.

Our work

You never know what it feels like to go through a divorce until you personally go through it. We have been there and walked the road ahead of you. We know what it feels like, we understand and all we want to do is provide a place where you will get the information and support you need to know that #Uwillbeok and You will be able to move forward with confidence.

Our vision

Our vision is to impact the divorce world in a positive way. We want people everywhere to say Divorce U Solutions “impacted my life in a positive way”. We want to be associated by other divorce professionals who feel the same way and who want to work towards making divorce a kinder process for all involved.

Our dreams

We believe that divorce can be less of a commodity and more of a process leading toward a successful conclusion. We believe that divorce can be less destructive to the family unit. And for all the parents divorcing out there, and I quote “Divorce does not mess your kids up, how you behave before, during and after divorce is what messes your kids up!”

Karen ChellewMeet Our Founders