August / September Newsletter

Navigating Through Divorce August/September issue.

Women Helping Women

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women helping women through divorceNavigating Through Divorce June/July issue.

Women Helping Women

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April / May Newsletter

change the course of your divorceNavigating Through Divorce April / May issue.

Learn the “5 Things That Will Change the Course of Your Divorce for the Better”

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[Podcast] Karen Chellew at ListenUp with Mitchell Chadrow!

Info on DivorceU Solutions, SistersU, Per Diem Space and more!

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3 Positive Ways to Stand Up for Yourself

When we think about bullying, we often think of bigger kids in a schoolyard or playground being mean to the smaller ones. We don’t often consider bullying between adults, yet bullying does happen in divorce.

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Thinking Divorce? Where Do I Start?

Where do I start?  Where do I go? Who can help me? What do I do? These  questions can create roadblocks to critical decisions that need to be made.

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10 Questions for Choosing the Right Divorce Attorney

These 10 questions will help you choose an attorney who will support your specific needs during the divorce process…

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Making a Living: At Divorce U, Women Help Women Through Process of Divorce

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Bucks County Women’s Journal: August / September 2016 Issue

Business Profile

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What This Divorcee Knows About a Lasting, Fulfilling Marriage

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Bucks County Women’s Journal: June / July 2016 Issue

CSM Divorce Solutions Expands Services and Transitions to Form a New Business Entity: Divorce U Solutions

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Hiltonhead Magazine – February 2016

Catherine Shanahan Interview

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